Let’s Hope Sparks fly

Dear Lou

I was going to suggest exactly what Mike’s already announced, and give Sparks his first NHL start.  I don’t know if he consulted with you first, or Brendan, but it has my vote.  I know, it could be early for Sparks, and ideally you’d like him to have a dominant year in the AHL first.  That way, he knows he’s ready, instead of hoping he’s ready, as it is now.  But the message would have been awful.  He knows he’s way better than Bernie, the way he’s playing now.  And he probably thinks he’s better than James, if you take the body of his work, and not simply his recent hot streak.  The balance of risks dictates taking this dice roll now.  If he gets hot, you can ride him to success, and you may have your goalie for the future.  If he peters out, you send him back to the Marlies with explicit instructions for what he needs to improve.  Any downer is going to be temporary.  He’ll still come away glad to have had the chance.


Let’s Hope Sparks fly

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