World Cup Pre-Hype has Already Started

Dear Lou

Always fun to have a distraction in the press, to cover for our weak start.  Although some results have begun to come in, it might be best to keep it that way for a while longer.  I’m reservedly optimistic that we could have a decent second half, and build for next year, but it might not be enough to salvage a playoff spot.  If that’s wrong, then kudos to Mike, who will have made it happen.

The latest attempt, weak though it is, is from Traikos, trying to guess which teams Canada should fear in the World Cup.  It then lists a whole list of teams to occupy our concerns.  What’s funny is that such speculation is utterly meaningless in a short tournament, where a hot goalie, a weak start from your goalie, or a single play, can tip the balance.  Who would have thought that at Sochi, Canada’s closest moment to losing came against Latvia, because of their tight defense, and a single, sneaky play cooked up by Ted Nolan.  Basically, they won the faceoff outside their blue line, and next to their bench.  The player closest to the bench went off, and a forward jumped off the other end of the bench, behind Canada’s defence.  Already anticipating this, the defenceman with the puck fed him a pass for a breakaway that scored on Carey Price.  The only goal given up.  And it was close to being enough to win a game they had no business winning.  In a seven game series, nobody can beat Canada coached by Mike.  But in a single game, any team present can do it on a rare occasion.  The answer to the question:  Which team should Canada fear?   Nobody, and everybody.  You can’t play afraid when you’re the best.  But you have to be aware that anything can happen.

World Cup Pre-Hype has Already Started

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