HHOF is a Joke

Dear Lou

No disrespect intended to yourself, but the HHOF is a joke.  There’s debate about whether Eric Lindros is going to make it next year.  Yet he was dominant, when healthy.  If longevity was essential, then Bobby Orr should not have been elected.  Yet he was, and rightly so.  He could be entitled to run his own HHOF.

As Simmons points out later in his article, there are more owners than coaches in the hall.  This is the case for all sports halls of fame, unfortunately, and the principal reason why they’re all bad jokes.  They exist for the edification of the fatcats, pure and simple.  I believe that one day, the HHOF will have a ten foot tall statue of Bettman, displayed like the Lenin statues were in the Soviet Union.  The inclusion of actual athletes is seen as a necessary evil, in order to aggrandize the ones who really matter.  Like Harold Ballard, one of the greats elected in the builders category.


HHOF is a Joke

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