Lesson from Patrick Kane

Dear Lou

A memo you could send to the young guys.  Take a look at what Kane went through, only to be acquitted.  The stain of it will taint him for his whole career.  When he meets the right one, she’ll have these questions also, and will periodically remember the whole affair.  There’s no question that he regrets everything.

What lesson to take?  Simple.  These sorts of things are easy temptations for young athletes, whose faces are on TV and in the papers.  But a situation like Kane’s is only a misunderstanding away from erupting.  Sometimes it’s not the actual events that matter, but how she feels about them afterwards.  It’s not worth the risk, to your reputation, as with Kane, or to your health, where bacteria and viruses are involved.

Stick with one, and you’ll be okay.  It’s the spontaneous things that get you into trouble.  If you told them this out of the blue, they’d think you’re old fashioned, as though we never heard of this kind of thing in the ’60s and ’70s.  Many of us made the same mistakes.  But by illustrating the example with Kane’s troubles, which nobody wants, maybe they’ll listen.


Lesson from Patrick Kane

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