Mike’s idea to make the nets bigger

Dear Lou

Mike gave the press a little distraction.  It’s better to discuss it, than the latest loss.  Sure, they tried, but the results failed, yet again.  You’ll know they’ve turned the corner when they start to win their share of O/T games, and don’t give up deciding goals with two minutes left, but rather string it out to O/T and a single point, at least.

Mike’s idea got me thinking, and we did some talking with the snowbirds.  In between their constant margaritas and daiquiris, an idea emerged.  The net is not too narrow.  If it was wider, it would change the wraparound, and all of the goalie’s calibration, his orientation with respect to the faceoff dots and circles, would need re-doing.  It would be havoc.  Most people don’t know, but the reason the goalies don’t have to look behind them to see where the net is, is because they know where it is in relation to what is in front of them.

If, however, the net was TALLER, say five feet instead of four, that would make for some interesting changes, without changing the footprint of the end of the rink.  Now, the butterfly, which I hate for the effect it has on the game, would not be such an obvious choice on every play.  No goalie could remain a pure butterfly goalie, without leaving a gaping hole up top, that he could not hope to cover.  Use of the butterfly would have to be situational, and it would separate the good from the mediocre based on their brains.  And of course, it would give shooters 30 square feet, rather than 24.  They should consider this option.


Mike’s idea to make the nets bigger

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