Not an NHL team

Dear Lou

I couldn’t watch, sorry.  That sort of effort is not worthy of an NHL team.  If that is to be the standard, and they weren’t saddled with the flu, or something, then you have to rid yourself of the whole lot.  Some nights, it looks better, but efforts like last night’s are outside what I can accept.  Mike can teach structure all he wants, and he can motivate, or try to.  But when it comes down to the final word, he can’t teach the desire to compete.  To me, that’s the big question.  How many of those guys have it?  They were assembled from castoffs from other organizations, where it may have been in question.  That’s the beauty of building from within.  The guy never makes it up from the minors if he doesn’t have it.  I only hope Mike’s energy holds up long enough to see the results of his labor.


Not an NHL team

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