Price is not the final excuse

Dear Lou

I read here and here how they lost because of Price.  Okay, Price is great.  The best.  But they played into his strength.  I don’t want to hear anymore about “just get the puck on net and it will happen.”  That works with weak goalies.  For ones on top of their game, it feeds into their strength, and reinforces their rhythm.  It was even the case for Mike, back in Anaheim, where Giguere took him to the Cup final.

Your guys need to develop ways to put hot goalies off their rhythm.  Aim for the skates of the defenceman standing in front.  Eventually, it will deflect in, and deflate everyone.  Learn to fan on shots, and flick the subsequent one in, lightly.  The goalie will be out of position, and unable to react.  To put it simply, when the goalie’s this hot, go for cheap goals, on purpose.  There are a lot of ways to do it, and your guys need to practice it.  It might mean fewer shots, but there will be more goals, and maybe even shaken confidence.

Too bad about our own goaltending situation.  Unless Bernie can pull it together, we don’t have a number one goalie.  I can see why Mike’s sticking with Bernie, hoping he does pull it together, and the young guys aren’t ready for the NHL.  I don’t think you should feel pressured and trade for a goalie, either.  You have to have a system that develops them, internally.  And you have to be vigilant that it’s being done right.  At this point, I don’t have confidence that it is.


Price is not the final excuse

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