It’s not how many hands, it’s how few egos, Brian!

Dear Lou

Down here in Tampa, I don’t consider myself part of the decision making group, except to the degree that you in Toronto accept my advice.  But Brian Burke doesn’t get how the three of you could ever share power.  You in particular, Lou, are described as having ‘never taken an order.’  I don’t think he understands that you don’t give them, either.  Even your anti-beard rule is never written down, or ordered, as Brian would imagine, I guess.  This is just my opinion now, but Brian seems to think it’s a battle of egos, and just maybe he’s projecting from his own attitude.  It always seemed to the Canadian snowbirds down here that he was all about dictating how it would play, rather than letting competent people do their job as they know how.  So maybe Mike doesn’t get the final say on personnel matters, or how you manage against the cap.  But Brendan doesn’t micromanage you guys, either, though I found it ilarious ow he got on the hice with his shoes and suit, to give tips to the guys.  Thing is, you know he wasn’t second-guessing Mike’s system.  He was only filling in small gaps, from his experience as a player.  I hope my view of management is accurate, that you are truly a management team as you find in a successful corp., rather than “the big dude in charge”.

One neighbor of mine wants to create a “Harold Ballard Memorial Award”, to commemorate those who have done the most to perpetuate Harold’s legacy of losing.  I think this will be fun, and I have many nominees from the guys who come and watch the games on my TV.  At least I get something from the freeloaders down here.


It’s not how many hands, it’s how few egos, Brian!

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