Good effort

Dear Lou

That compliment may be all you get on many nights this year.  The pace of the game was satisfying, as was the number of scoring chances.  Boyes needs to find his shot, and I’d suggest keeping him at practice late, to work on it, and one-timers in particular.  And Hunwick was out of place far too many times.  Make sure he’s not trying to do too much – not unprecedented now, with the A on his chest.

The number of close calls was also an indication that the offence is not as impotent as it sometimes looks.  Mike knows as well as anyone that the defensive mistakes, coming in clusters, cost you the game.  Reimer played decently, if not as well as Anderson, and I haven’t seen a solid performance in goal yet this year.  Give that new goaler coach some scrutiny, and maybe form a committee to evaluate him.  The problem with goaltending is that every coach has a different philosophy, and they all claim to be right.  Find the strategy of the future, not of the past.  But here’s a hint:  The distant past may hold elements that will constitute the future.



Good effort

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