Wings know Mike’s system

Dear Lou

I spilled the margarita when I saw some of those goals.  Bernier is definitely in a funk.  You’ll need to get Mike to pull him out, because Reimer plays too deep, and too passively, to be consistently good.  And that turd goal that got him pulled was especially troublesome.  Call me old if you like, but you saw when I play.  Kenny never let one in like that.  When player comes in below the face-off dot, there’s no reason to drop to your knees.  Play it standing, and the sharp hangle assures that there is absolutely no room to score.  But drop, and you open the top for a goal.


If the goalies had played better, it could have been closer.  Still, Mike coached them 10 years.  They know his system.  He’s coached these guys one month, and they don’t seem to know any system at all.


We’ll see what they do against Ottawa

Wings know Mike’s system

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