There’s More Where Kadri and Riemsdyk found that goal

Dear Lou

The weather is still hot and humid, thanks for asking.  I don’t even like to go out too much. Toronto still warm enough?  That will change soon enough.  But I saw the game.  Tell Mike I think they looked decent.  They tried hard, and that’s what he was most afraid of.  And Bernier’s recovery after that merde goal says more than the goal does.

But I’d like Mike to think about this.  That goal where Kadri didn’t mean to put it in was no haccident, and there’s a lot more where that came from.  They took so many shots on Price, but when his rhythm is on, and the shots are what he’s expecting, they won’t get many.

Just remember.  Goalers focus on conventional shots.  That’s where the shooter gets the shot off as fast as he can, as ard as he can.  He trains non-stop for exactly this, trying to get that little bit quicker, to match the speed of the shooter.  But when you give him the unexpected, you get goals like tonight’s.  It’s a function of timing, and when the best goalers have the hedge like Price did, he saves everything.  That’s when you need to try something different.  You could take a hundred shots the regular way, and only come out with 3 or so goals.  But mess with his rhythm, and you get into his head.  Fan on the shot, maybe on purpose, and he’s already reacting to an expected shot.  Then tap in the puck, easy.  Do it right, and he’ll look like a frappeur swinging for a fastball when a lanceur throws him a changeup.  Goalers hardly ever face a changeup, and they don’t know ow to play it.  Keep this in mind, and I’d say there’s 20 or more goals against tough goalers, ready for the taking this season.

Stay warm


There’s More Where Kadri and Riemsdyk found that goal

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